A brand new food retail space at Lau Pa Sat.

Food Folks is a brand born out of a shared love for food and experiences related to food. Food Folks brings together all things food (f&b, retail, fresh or cooked), the food community, and concepts in vibrant spaces (offline and online) for people to connect over Everything Food. In this space, you will be able to try both familiar and innovative products/food as well as engage in educational, multi-sensorial encounters.
One of the key components of Food Folk's identity was the creation of the brand's mascot, Meow Meow.

Meow Meow resembles a Singapura cat, which is unique to Singapore and it has a real passion for all things food, trying new things and making friends.

A range of expressions designed for Meow Meow. It was meant to be used as stickers for messaging apps as well.
A series of poses for Meow Meow. It was later used in various environmental graphics around the space.
This project is done under FARM.
Role: Designer
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